Nicole R. Caillier, Founder And CEO
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Meet the visionary who drives our success.

Nicole R. Caillier, Founder And CEO

Nicole is the founder and CEO of The Quality Staffing Network, LLC (QSN). QSN is a privately held national healthcare firm offering staffing services to hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, physical rehabilitation centers, labs, and doctors’ offices all across the United States. Nicole started her healthcare staffing firm in Louisiana in 2005. The firm tripled in size and expanded nationally in just two years in the middle of a recession. Under Nicole’s leadership, the organization grew revenue by 1,200% in one quarter and continues to consistently deliver. QSN’s core competency is providing clients with quality over quantity solutions. Their proven track record includes a 90% fill rate and the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

Nicole and her team have transformed the standard approach of professional recruitment results in tough-to-fill positions through laser-focused precision on client needs. They will expand Quality Medical Staffing’s leadership in procurement solutions for the healthcare field through its next evolution as a network. Nicole takes a hands-on approach at the helm of her company. She plays an active role in cultivating powerful partnerships to guide, support, and resource leading-edge business operations with passion and entrepreneurial dexterity. To date, Nicole is counted among the top women business leaders in North America. She is also in the top 1% of business leaders in the United States. She has been featured in Women in Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Charisma, and the Impact Network.

Armed with deep industry knowledge as a former nurse and nearly 20 years of front-line experience in business, Nicole continues to focus on taking ground through growing the QSN brand nationally and making an impact in the healthcare procurement workforce communities by sharing her expertise through speaking, consulting, and business mentorship. To date, Nicole and her team have launched over 300 healthcare staffing firms and mentored thousands of emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs.